LeeSun “We’re All Made of Stars”

It’s always important to get your facts straight. So, allow me to correct myself and state that LeeSun does indeed live in Leeds, U.K. She didn’t arrive there by way of Hawaii, but rather Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. With that out of the way I turn your attention to LeeSun’s new single released today “We’re All Made of Stars”. The intro of bells immediately brings to mind lullabies. That aspect never goes away. This could be a Disney song in one of their animated films. It’s also a love song and functions as a reciprocal for “Baby It’s Cold Outside” which is blasting over the radios at this time of year. While the Christmas duet is all about trying to find a way to just stay together a little longer, LeeSun’s work is all about missing someone who’s perfect just like she is. Just like we all are, because it is a fact that each and every one of us is indeed made of stars. If you listen to Tom Robinson’s Freshnet Listening Post, you should have heard the song featured. If not, sit back and enjoy.

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