Lennon Stella “BITCH (takes one to know one)”

Canadian singer-songwriter, Lennon Stella released her debut EP Love, me in November. “BITCH (takes one to know one)” is her follow up single.

The track is catchy as all get-out with Stella’s sweetly sung chorus of “you know what they say, it takes a bitch to know a bitch.” My issue with the song is I’m not sure anyone actually says that. Doing some quick research, the best I could find was an eBook of with that title by Jerrice Owens released in 2014 which only has two reviews on Amazon.

In speaking about the track, Lennon says “it’s the idea that when a guy calls a girl a bitch, she stands up for herself and calls him one right back” which is a good concept but I still don’t think people say the phrase. Who knows? Maybe Lennon Stella’s song will start a revolution and get “it takes a bitch to know a bitch” into modern nomenclature.

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