Lethal Bizzle “Woah”

Lethal Bizzle leapt onto the grime scene with his 2004 single, “Pow (Forward).” A star-studded event featuring an in-your-face beat and some of grime’s biggest names like D Double E, Demon, and many other. Although his new single, “Woah” is also just a one word exclamation, it could not be more different.

Just like “Pow (Forward),” “Woah” is produced by Dexplicit but that is where the similarities end. There are no guests on “Woah.” It features a much less busy beat and Lethal Bizzle is much more subdued. The chorus of naming things that are woah feels a lot like Black Rob’s 2000 hit “Whoa” but Bizzle is a little more gregarious. Instead of things like “I had this bad bitch Uptown, she was whoa!,” Bizzle is more interested in things like “move mommy out the enz, that’s woah/put your brother in a Benz, that’s woah.” He’s all about giving back to the people who got him there and that’s nice, even if he seems to be slowing down the flow 15 years on in his career.

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