Lil Seyi “Leather Free Seats”

New outrages like gas prices, an impending abortion ban, and the war in Ukraine has largely wiped George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement from the headlines. Nineteen-year-old Stanford student, Lil Seyi says “not so fast” on his new single “Leather Free Seats.” With a choir singing the chorus of “we don’t wanna die no more,” the track also features sound clips of President Obama talking about the racism all black Americans face. For his part, Lil Seyi provides silky smooth vocals that straddle the line between R&B and rapping; it reminds me of Frank Ocean a la “Novacane.” And the track’s danceable beat which boasts kicks blending with eratic cymbals and saturated bass, shows why “Leather Free Seats” is being released on Kitsuné Musique.

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