Llovers “Just Lust”

Indie band, Llovers dropped a new single called “Just Lust”. The track starts off with a soft kick that syncs up with your heart beat, putting you into an immediate trance. Then all of the sudden they bring in swelling guitar lines, accompanied by Jack Brooks soothing vocal, which echo and surround your body. The amount of reverb they use creates the feeling of being submerged in a body of water and you’re just floating, waiting for something to come along. As you listen further, you can feel the song build as the lyric “don’t figure it out,” start repeating. Then the music explodes, sending you into another dimension and you have to find your way back. They guide the way and reign it in towards the end of the track. The music trails off into a heart beat, just as it began. It’s definitely an unexpected emotional ride. Check it out now!

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