Lord Huron “Wait by the River”

The new Lord Huron song “Wait by the River” sends you into a dreamscape immediately with the ascending chromatic, twinkling keys that take you to the sky. The intro almost sounds like you’re entering the band’s psyche. Although it may be just a standard 12-bar blues, everything about the song makes you feel like you’re in a slow motion movie scene with the warm sun beating down on your face while you’re thinking about your past wrongdoings. The track has a simple bassline that sticks out and compliments the simple melody. The silky timbre of Ben Schneider’s voice fits perfectly with the overall vibe of the track. Since everything is about the space effect right now, Lord Huron really embraces that with the amount of reverb they’ve incorporated. It’s quite possible you may be drenched by the end of the song. Very fitting for a track that talks about a river, even though it’s actually about losing someone that you care about and apologizing for the mistakes that you made in your relationship. “Wait by the River” is just one massive emotional explosion. Check it out now!

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