Premiere: Loi Loi “Company Girl”

Synth-pop duo, Loi Loi are preparing to release their new album, Me: Dystopia in January. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the album’s single “Company Girl.”

“Company Girl” mixes distorted kicks, ticking hi-hats, and lush synths to create a dark wave soundscape similar to New Order or Gary Numan. But lyrics are the real star of the track. Kristie Di Lascio’s makes a powerful statement saying “‘Company Girl’ is a reference to people who, for the sake of a mission or something they see that’s sacred or higher than themselves, often patriarchal in nature– are complicit in helping cover up the bad behavior. You don´t need to defend your team at the cost of perpetuating victimization.” Surely, it is a song Susan Collins could have used a listen or two to before the Kavanaugh vote.

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