Lollapalooza 2018 Lineup Brings Surprises and Strange Additions

What’s that sound? It’s the sound of simultaneous groans and cheers from Millennials all over the country as they express their excitement or jaded disdain for the Lollapalooza lineup that just dropped. The four-day music marathon will touch down in the Windy City from August 2nd-August 5th for 2018. This year the lineup hits us with a couple top 40 headliners in the form of Bruno Mars and The Weeknd. Fresh from multiple Grammy wins, this will be Bruno’s first Lollapalooza, so it is safe to say that he will pull in a pretty sizable crowd. We have pulled some notable observations we gathered from the Lollapalooza announcement below.

Cardi B Isn’t On It

Noticeably absent from the lineup is Cardi B who was heavily rumored to be joining the Lollapalooza family for a set this summer. Pregnancy rumors have been swirling around the rap-tress in recent weeks, so this just fuels the rumors considering that it would only be natural for her to accompany her future tour-mate, Bruno Mars.

Will Travis Scott Start Another Riot?

Travis Scott is also billed as a headliner this year, which will allow fans to see finally see him after his set was cut too short from the infamous riot he started within the first two minutes of him getting on stage. I’m kind of hoping we get to see another riot this year, but at least let me hear “Goosebumps” first before it happens.

Not A Lot of Clout Rappers

With the rise of clout rappers in 2018, I half expected the lineup to resemble Rolling Loud’s lineup in Miami. However, the only two clout rappers I see are Lil Pump and Post Malone. It will be fun counting how many colored dreads and fake Supreme hats I can spot in the audience during Lil Pump’s set though.

LL Cool J?

LL Cool J is on the lineup. I respect the sentiment for old-school hip-hop, but I feel he would be better suited for Riot Fest or Pitchfork. This might be the most random addition to any lineup this year.

Way Less EDM This Year

Perry Farrel expressed his disdain for Perry’s stage during an interview where he said that he “hates EDM”. It’s becoming obvious that he wants to slowly fizzle out the genre from his festival by how there aren’t too many big-name EDM acts on the list. Excision and Dillon Francis are towards the top of the list, but other than that it looks like Perry’s might be a little tamer this year.

There is plenty to take away from the lineup, but as we analyze like we always do this time of year, we can all collectively agree that we will all ultimately have a good time. Surprisingly there are still 4-day general admission tickets left, which can be bought on the Lollapalooza website.

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