Premiere: Luke Sweeney “Doin It To You” video

We have all seen Aladdin, I think we all know how magic carpet rides go: a picnic basket filled with wine, some light ukulele, a puppy…you know, ROMANCE? Unfortunately in Luke Sweeney‘s video for “Doin It To You,” this magic carpet ride ain’t goin’ so hot. The Jasmine of the video is highly unimpressed with the wine so she pours it over the edge of the carpet. She’s unimpressed with the music, so she tosses the ukulele. Before you get too upset, the ukulele is caught on the ground by Sweeney himself so no one was injured. She is unimpressed by the dog and you guessed it, it goes over the edge. Unfortunately, the puppy is not as lucky as the ukulele. Just when you thought the Aladdin of this carpet ride had no more punches to pull, he takes out a record player. He puts on Luke Sweeney’s “Doin It To You” and Jasmine’s face lights up. The sweet retro pop track then soundtracks the couple’s sex in the sky on a carpet.

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