New: Lupe Fiasco “Lamborghini Angels”

lupe fiasco, lamborghini angelsLupe Fiasco is preparing to release his new album Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 on September 25th. The album’s latest leak is “Lamborghini Angels.” Before releasing the track, Lupe tweeted a disclaimer: “Warning: if you are easily offended or religiously sensitive DO NOT listen to Lamborghini Angels. Contains very disturbing content. Listener discretion is thoroughly advised.” The track does tackle some sensitive issues like pedophilia in fairly graphic form but it does not feel overly disturbing.
MP3: Lupe Fiasco “Lamborghini Angels”

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  • Mona H says:

    Not as disturbing as I expected it to be with a disclaimer like that…but definitely not happy subject material. I ended up getting lost in the beat and stopped paying attention to the lyrics a few times, though…

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