Main Attrakionz: Bossalinis and Fooliyones

Main Attrakionz, Bossalinis and FooliyonesMain Attrakionz: Bossalinis and Fooliyones
Sometimes it’s fun–even good–for us to indulge, like taking that second piece of cake for dessert. Then there’s times when you’ve overindulged and regret it. As for Main Attrakionz’ latest album, Bossalinis and Fooliyones, a project that boast persistent, tinny 808s, a variety of keys and synths and a plethora of talk about money, weed and women, one can definitely feel “over-indulged.”

The opener “Green On Sight” sounds like a solid, golden age throwback with the 808 booming kicks and tinny-cymbals that were extremely popular in 80s hip hop resonating over the funky synths and bass. Although the content isn’t extraordinary, the beat is attention getting. But as the album wears on, you feel as if you have heard this before. The content on this album is definitely below-par. The majority of the subject matter on Bossalinis and Fooliyones is money, weed and women. Although those subjects reign supreme in commercial hip hop, they feel a little immature here.

As the album wears on, the beats don’t fare well either. Bossalinis and Fooliyones hosts a fair amount of producers, none of which are very well-known. The Mekanix, Supreme Cuts, Harry Fraud and other beat makers throw down their personal instrumentals for Main Attrakions. Although a few beats have some creativity to them, a vast majority of them sound like standard mainstream radio fare; some even go as far as burgeoning into the trap music style with fast-paced hi hats and synths. If money is the only thing on these guys’ minds, I suggest they find a better way of gaining that “cheddar.”

Now as far as rapping goes, it isn’t too awful. There’s nothing to gloat about when it comes to Main Attrakionz’ flow and delivery, but they do stay on beat.

Unfortunately, that is the most positive aspect to draw attention to on Bossalinis and Fooliyones. Unless you are a hardcore fan of trap music, then this album will be hard to take a liking to. As a hip hop album, it is obvious that Main Attrakionz do not measure up.
Rating: 3.0/10
MP3: Main Attrakionz “Take U There”
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