Premiere: March to May “Fifty Years” (Official Music Video)

Seattle’s March to May recently released their album, Through the Night via Northbound Records. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the video for the album’s latest single “Fifty Years.” The chorus of “And the cherry blossoms floating down/Like snow upon the ground” is taken literally in the video. The male/female duo find themselves in and around cherry blossom trees along with a violinist and cellist. The band’s Beth Wesche said “The song ‘Fifty Years’ was loosely inspired by a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel, and we wanted to give a nod to his magical realism in the video – playing around with time and perception and tweaking the everyday to make it charming and unexpected. Shooting in the spring at the peak of cherry blossom season was, of course, a given!” The video’s austere setting mimics the beauty of the song to create a visually stunning watch.

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