Premiere: Megan Keely: Companion

Photo Credit: Stephanie Dandan

San Franciscan singer/songwriter, Megan Keely is preparing to release her new LP, Companion on October 7th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere an exclusive early stream of the album.

Companion is my first self-recorded solo record,” Says Keely. “Without the option to lean on other musicians in the studio, it turned out to be a chance to listen to my quirky inner instincts and elaborate from a deep well within.”

With nods to influences like Jose Gonzalez and Nick Drake, the album mixes elements of indie folk and acoustic rock to create relaxing pathos. Keely describes it as “a cozy mug of tea, meant to be digested with eyes half-closed while dozing off for a blanketed afternoon nap.”

That feeling not only describes the music but the cover art, a gray-scaled photo of a beach with waves gently riding in. “I hope Companion helps bring sleep to the restless and offers a moment of calm to those who need it most,” wishes Keely.

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