Premiere: Memoryy “I Love You Maybe”

Shaun Hettinger is stepping out from behind the Memoryy monicker to release his first film score for the brand new Madonna-themed documentary Smelly Little Town. He said “I had to write a ‘generic 80s Pop Rock’ track, so I channeled The Cure, but I couldn’t keep it as just an instrumental,” and hence a new Memoryy track was born. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere, “I Love You Maybe.”

Channelling the energy of “Friday, I’m in Love,” “I Love You Maybe” mixes driving drums, chugging bass, and synth flourishes. Hettinger’s airy vocals exude exuberance as he sings about the point in a relationship when you realize you may love the other person. In the end, the emotions and the catchy hook make “I Love You Maybe” much more than a generic 80s pop rock song.

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