Michi “Sugarbaby”

Los Angeles singer, Michi is preparing to release her debut EP later this year. The second single from the album is “Sugarbaby,” a mid-tempo alt-R&B jam. Taking cues from classic doo-wop, soul, and pop, the track features spacey wah-wah guitar, funky bass, and a hand-clapped beat. Lyrically the song isn’t about being a sugarbaby quite as much as it is about giving “sugar” to the person you love. “‘Sugarbaby’ is a sentimental ode to expressing love and admiration for that special someone,” Guerrero shares about the song. “While the task of creating during quarantine was not easy, the song for me was an escape into a colorful place, and the chance to express adoration of a lover in all their beauty and light.”

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