Premiere: Mike Maimone “Garbougie” (Official Music Video)

In February, Mike Maimone followed up his 2018 EP, The High Hat Club with the stand alone single “Garbougie.” The song was born out of a camping trip. Maimone explains “my friend Eshanthika showed up wearing a gold necklace and makeup. We gave her some shit for looking so good in the middle of the woods and she said, ‘Hey, I’m bougie but I’m a little garbage, too. I like a shot of Campari in my High Life.’ And the term Garbougie was born.” Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the video for the single.

A shot of Campari in a High Life was the first example of being “Garbougie” but the video piles up the examples. If you eat Subway sandwiches while walking on a treadmill, you might be garbougie. If you vape while lifting free weights, you might be garbougie. If you sneak White Castle in to a fancy bar, you might be garbougie. You get the gist. It’s a fun loving video for the sax-filled dance track.

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