Misty Miller at The Lexington, London

No gimmicks, no flashy lights, just one young rock chick and her guitar.

Following a crowd-pleasing supporting set from L.A synth pop trio Gliss, Misty Miller ambles casually onto the stage with Fender in hand. Seemingly unfazed by the eager crowd below, she appears to be setting up for an intimate jam session with her musical pals. Donning an oversized Nirvana t-shirt, jeans and Converse, she proves she’s no poser, and expresses a decidedly casual attitude. After a quick whisper with her band, and a short introduction, she launches into her set.

Although only a small venue, the crowd is quick to swarm to the stage when she begins, bopping along to the upbeat guitar strums and bouncy melodies of her openers. Misty proves a refreshing addition to the female singer-songwriters of today, flaunting an effortless playing style and meaningful lyrics far beyond her years. She clearly enjoys jamming with her band, exchanging frequent looks and giggles with her bassist and drummer.

After an up-tempo start, she slows thing down during her third song, allowing the audience to listen intently to her profound lyrics. Yet she soon switches back to the lively, energetic style that preceded the track. Misty mentions the musical influence of Jake Bugg during her set, demonstrating a very similar style to that of her male counterpart.

However, some 25 minutes in, Misty throws a curve ball. Announcing “this will be our last song”, the audience responds in a surprised mutter. Upon a somewhat underwhelming finish, the crowd half-expects her to return moments later with the mandatory encore that is so often staged by musical performers. Sadly, though, she flings her guitar into its case and makes a speedy getaway.

The action is one that seems to flawlessly match her effortless attitude. Her entire set, while refreshing in its stripped-back rock and roll style, is one that lacks crowd interaction. Perhaps the short set is the fault of the venue, but her casual style is almost too rock star for someone trying to break into the world of music. Attitude aside, Misty proves that she certainly has the talent to hit the big time, she just needs the effort to match.
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