Mixtape Monday: Alec Harris: The Early Premier

By Stefan Walczak

The Early Premier is the new mixtape from rapper Alec Harris. The tight production paired with Harris’ verses about living through hard times makes Premier an album worth checking out.

While Harris’ lyrics may not be as creative some other great lyricists that come to mind, that have been in the game for much longer, Harris has a strong delivery, coupled with the gritty and jazzy production. It is easy to see him as a great up-and-comer in the hip-hop genre. The different producers featured on the mixtape provide a melodic and rhythmic foundation to Harris’ message. The hip-hop symphony “Superhero Save Yourself”, produced by Mr. Silverberg, is a hypnotizing hymn, crafted for Harris to rap over. It is just one example of the awesome variety of styles that pass through The Early Premier. The growling bass kicks of the second track, “Life Lessons,” provides the backdrop for Harris’ verses about falling and getting back up while living life. Running through the maze of life is a very strong subject, and Harris tackles it with a self-confident fervor that becomes an irresistible hook, especially when he is rapping over the ominous purr of the grimey bass underneath the mix. Harris takes no time before jumping into the soft jazz hip-hop song produced by Matt Cody, “I’m On That,” a beautiful track with a soft nod to the late Nujabes.

Other producers include DJ Black Diamond, for Harris’ love rap duet with Brett Altman, “Never Let You Leave,” and Brandon Lipman, who produced the opening track of this imaginative and impressive mixtape, “Early On.” In “Early On,” Harris raps on the joys of being young in life and meditating on future prospects in what life has in store. Alex Harris’ lyrics and message are a great positive lift and it all sounds smooth thanks to the talented producers that helped compose The Early Premier. If you are looking for something that has many great sounds and some creative, witty lyricism, check out Alec Harris and his new mixtape The Early Premier.

Rating: 8.0/10

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