Moby: All Visible Objects

In other reviews, I always feel the need to introduce the artists with a little bit of background info and some interesting tidbits. Sometimes I even try to describe their normal sound, but with Moby, this type of introduction seems a little bit defunct, but lets give you the basics. His sound is one of the most recognizable sounds in dance music and since his self-titled first album in 1992, he has released 17 albums including his new album All Visible Objects.

All Visible Objects is exactly what you would expect from a Moby album. The musical demi-God has compiled an album that weaves its way from chill out tracks and deep house rave pieces via songs that can be placed firmly in between the two genres.

“Morningside” hits the ground running with deep house beats and soulful vocals. Building anticipation is a key component to good dance music and Moby doesn’t rush in. He lets the track simmer, building through muted vocals to a drop that renders visions of packed nightclubs and unforgettable festival nights. “Forever” also hits every mark for a great club track. He mixes both synth vocals and silence to build an atmosphere that can only translate beautifully to a live setting.

Building up to the ultimate drop requires time, but Moby takes a different approach. Following from his last album, Long Ambients 2, that also featured on a popular meditation app, “My Only Love” is somber and chilled and completely negates the club atmosphere of its predecessor. “One Last Time” also carries the same type of vibe with a mixture of heavenly synth and layered vocals. However, if you are looking for a true musical piece, may I suggest “Separation”. Placed at the back end of the album, it includes a piano melody that is instantly reminiscent of Moby’s previous work and carries a serenity that is that much more poignant after an album that has already messed with your emotions.

While the album itself is clearly a masterfully curated compilation of pieces, “Power is Taken” is the stand out track. It is loud and mimics the haunting 90’s dance sound. By pairing it with muscular lyrics, this track is powerful, emotive while also being future club classic.

All Visible Objects seems big and gargantuan, like the musical version of an epic movie. It takes up so much musical space by spanning over genres and through your consciousness. It is also a rollercoaster by carrying you up towards deep house highs before slowly lulling you back into calm with ambient tracks. It shifts and it changes and just when you think the album is going to turn into a rave, it mellows and brings you in a completely different direction. And that’s what Moby wants to achieve, a musical journey that changes your assumptions to bring you on a trip that is worth listening to over and over again.

Rating: 8.9/10

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