Mogwai: As The Love Continues

As The Love Continues is the latest release from post-rock group Mogwai. Despite being active for over two decades, the band has remained remarkably consistent, releasing dozens of solid projects ranging from studio albums to TV soundtracks. Their latest is yet another addition to the band’s collection of impressive music, with tsunamis of colorful sound roaring through each track.

Mogwai’s newest album is at its best when embracing simplicity. Upon first listen, that may seem like an oxymoron. How do “simple” and tracks like “Drive The Nail” fit in the same sentence? The answer to that question is where the album’s strength lies. “Drive The Nail” is an expansive, seven-minute song with rumbling guitar and percussion that anxiously adds a few extra beats every once in a while. But fundamentally, the song is built on a simple melody and simple instruments. Sure, the track pushes deeper into its layered distortion as time goes on, but that styling is just an addition to the track’s simple (and well-crafted) roots. This approach is traceable throughout As The Love Continues, and it makes the entire project both catchy and complex.

Most of As The Love Continues hovers close to grumbling guitar and synth. The album feels like an introduction to an established world–like a tour through a dense and busy dystopian city. This ultimately comes from the band’s earned confidence as musicians. Mogwai’s members know they’re good at what they do, and it’s fun watching them enjoy it.

Rating: 8.0/10

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