Premiere: Mojave Phone Booth “Where Are You Now”

Bay Area trio, Mojave Phone Booth are preparing to release their new full-length Hollow the Numbers on October 20th via Label 51. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the single “Where Are You Now.”

Beginning with distorted descending synth arpeggios, you can immediately draw comparisons to Crystal Castles. When the vocals kick in, they are a little less abrasive than Alice Glass with a more traditional pop melody focus. Thumping kick drums propel the track forward until its cacophonous crescendo nearly five minutes on.

For those who yearn for the late 2000s when you could enjoy Crystal Castles or Grimes without feeling any guilt about it, Mojave Phone Booth has you covered.

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  • Fiona says:

    Crystal Castles? I think Mojave Phone Booth aka Snake River Conspiracy was way before them… SRC probably had an influence on crystal castles and not the other way around.

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