Music in Marketing: Weber “You Light Me Up”

Jingle writers do not get the credit they should. A good jingle is one of the most powerful tools in all of marketing. In Weber grills’ latest commercial, they have set a new high. Apparently it cost too much to license an actual Black Eyed Peas‘ song, so the Weber Grill people put it to some professional song writers to write a sound alike track. What they came up with was “You Light Me Up”. The track is so good that I think they should force these song writers to turn it into a full length track. Check out the 30 second song and tell me you don’t want to hear two minutes more of this infectious jam.
MP3: Weber “You Light Me Up”


  • Becky says:

    I can only hit replay so many times.

  • Duane says:

    YESS!!! Full length track needs to be made, omg this is so awesome

  • JBear8139 says:


  • Kocky says:

    We love this song!!! Please make a full length track of this

  • Joey says:

    This is the best song I have ever heard since I gotta feelin pllllzzzzzz make a full length song I will tell you this will be a number one hit for a lllllooooooonnnnnnnggggg time!!!!!! :idea:

  • Joey says:

    This is the next best song in the world plz make a full version I will tell you this will be a number one hit for a lllllooooooonnnnnnnggggg time :idea: :shock: :eek:

  • XMusicX says:

    LUV IT! :grin:

  • Gator-Ron says:

    I’m just an old surviving club DJ from the 70s….I think I want to come out of DJ retirement just to work this song….Have not heard anything as good as this in years!

  • Steven says:

    Weber has released a complete version plus a 30 second remix!

  • Laurie says:

    Catchy tune but I’m surprised the copycat lawsuit hasn’t been filed yet, which it might if released as a single.

  • Brent says:

    I ‘new high’? More like a new low. Weber shamelessly ripped off I Gotta Feeling, and the jingle writers should be embarrassed by their lack of originality.

  • Dorothy says:

    Yes, yes, yes!!! I love this song! Make it into a full length song!!! Thanks!

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