Music in Marketing: Jay Rock “Win”

Google’s advertising campaigns are no stranger to being soundtracked by great artists. Just in the last year, Google has featured artists like Busta Rhymes, Black Lips, Wilco, among many others. Their latest campaign, “Here to Help: Take the First Step,” features TDE rapper, Jay Rock’s Grammy nominated song “Win.” Produced by Boi-1da, the track features sample of Elmer Bernstein’s “Rooster.” By slowing down “Rooster”, he gives “Win” those iconic horns that basically sound like superhero music. Some tricky editing cuts out the swearing from the first stanza of the song without making it feel censored. I personally love Kendrick Lamar playing the hype man on the track, repeating the last word of every line.

As far as the commercial goes, it is a combination of Google searches and people participating in sports. That is what makes the “win, win, win” chorus work with the images but it is odd seeing children play soccer or tee-ball to a decidedly not kid friendly song. Still, good for Jay Rock and good for Google.

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