Nerd Revolt: Nerd Revolt

By Johnna Sheppard

“We are just two cyborgs, cruising through the multiverse.” This is is how Nerd Revolt describes themselves. It only begins to make sense when you listen to their debut self titled album.

The opening track, “Breaking Free,” thrusts you into a dark, daunting, digital soundscape set forth by the band’s futuristic aura. The simplicity of the song is enhanced perfectly by the hollow guitar played lightly in the background at just the right moment. “Breaking Free” is a great start to a liberating album. Making your way through each song, you will find yourself unable to stop bobbing your head to the catchy beats. While the beats are catchy, the real stars of the album are the synths. The band was created by the pairs’ love of synthesizers, so it only seems fitting that they steal the show.

Lyrically the album is as strong, if not stronger than the music itself. The spunky, pink and blue haired the iLL.F.O. takes you through the struggles of stepping out of societal expectations. She does this with a haunting, whispered tone, bringing out the power and emotion in both her voice and the music. By the time you reach the song “Fallen,” the album has taken on more than self freedom; it tackles the injustice of soldiers’ death in war, turning the message into liberation for all.

Nerd Revolt is the whole package. The lyrics enter your mind and make you think, while the melodies and unique sound selections sink through the skin and chill to the bone. Even more impressive is that the album was self produced by band mate M.O. I see a bright future ahead for these cyborgs.

Rating: 8.0/10

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