New: Artists come out to support both Steelers and Packers in this year’s Superbowl

As soon as the superbowl match up was set last week, I asked “how many ‘Black and Yellow’ remixes am I going to get?” The answer was quite a few; although I can not be sure of the exact number because I deleted many of them, I held on to at least two good ones. What surprised me was the outpouring of support for the Packers. When I think of Wisconsin music, I think of two bands: Violent Femmes and Boris the Sprinkler. Both of those bands are defunct so I did not anticipate receiving many Packers’ tracks. You can imagine how surprised I was to receive a track from Lil Wayne; the New Orleans born and bred rapper is apparently a Packers fan for reason not even apparent to Weezy himself. The other Packers’ track came from the relatively unknown Wisconsin band, Locksley.
The Steelers’ tracks are both Wiz Khalifa remixes because once you have an awesome track like “Black and Yellow”, why make another one? One mash-up comes from Tennessee producer, Ugly Lovely and the other remix comes from Canadian producer, Vlsonn. Check out all the tracks and enjoy the game tomorrow night.
MP3: Lil’ Wayne “Green & Yellow”
MP3: Locksley “Oh, Wisconsin”
MP3: Wiz Khalifa “Black and Yellow (Vlsonn Remix)”
MP3: Ugly Lovely “Black and Yellow Atlantis (Wiz Khalifa // LTJ Bukem)”

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