New: Common “Stay Schemin’ (Drake Diss)”

common, drake, stay scheminI have thought about this a lot and I can not think of two rappers less likely to beef with each other than Common and Drake. Both have this late-90s LL Cool J “Hey Love” feel to them so the fact that they are beefing just seems humorous. Common supposedly started the beef with “Sweet” from his album, The Dreamer/The Believer which Drake took exception too. Drake followed it up with “Stay Schemin'” from the new Rick Ross mixtape. Now, Common has recorded his own verse over the “Stay Schemin'” beat. I have to admit Common gets in a few good shots: “you so black and white/tryin to live a nigga’s life” and “you ain’t wettin nobody nigga, you Canada Dry.” Check it out.
MP3: Common “Stay Schemin’ (Drake Diss)”

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