New: Evil Ebenezer “Ghostbusters”

Canadian rapper, Evil Ebenezer was hailed as “the best new voice in Canadian rap” by Exclaim Magazine. His latest single is “Ghostbusters.” The track is a amalgam of strings, rapping, and autotuned vocals. There are some similarities to Canada’s other big export, Drake but there is a little more substance to Ebenezer’s lyrics. Check it out.
MP3: Evil Ebenezer “Ghostbusters”


  • kevsire33 says:

    dope track@!

  • gepetto says:

    dope track, keep it coming!

  • Mark C says:

    Evil is the dopest. Always love what he brings to the table. Most of his videos are done by the same weirdo genius Stuey Kubrick. Go Check him out on youtube AND see all his other videos, specially Im leaving.

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