Premiere: Nikhil Bagga “I Hate You. I Love You.”

12-year-old Seattleite, Nikhil Bagga is preparing to release his debut LP, Leap of Faith this year. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the album’s new single, “I Hate You. I Love You.”

With chugging distorted guitars and driving drums, the track mixes elements of power pop and arena rock reminiscent of Celebrity Skin-era Hole which is impressive considering it was released more than a decade before Bagga’s birth. Although the songwriting shows knowledge beyond his years, the subject matter is a little more his age. He sings “your screaming over powers my guitar” about his youngest sister which the song is about. When asked about the song, Bagga said “relationships are complicated, especially with those closest to you.” Sage words from such a talented young man.

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