Premiere: Oberon Rose “Rainmaker”

On January 20th, Oberon Rose will be released their new LP, Purple, Blue & Crimson. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the album’s lead single, “Rainmaker.”

The Connecticut-cum-Nashville band takes a lot of their cues from glam rock pioneers like T Rex. You can hear shades of “Bang a Gong” in the lead guitar line but several mellotron breaks keeps the track from feeling fully glammed out. “The idea behind the music to ‘Rainmaker’ was to go back and forth between being laser focused to a fuzzy dream like state” says lead singer, Tommy Oberon. “There is an experimental nature to this song but I also kept a strong focus on melody and groove. That’s what I think ties it all together and keeps it anchored.”

Not only does it keep it anchored but it keeps it interesting for the full three-and-a-half plus minutes.

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