Premiere: Oblio “Lilly”

Long Beach trio Oblio are preparing to release a concept album called Autophobia in September. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the album’s second single “Lilly.” While concept album’s often get a bad wrap for being more heady than musically satisfying, “Lilly” is strong in both categories. According to the band “The album’s protagonist is a loner. Thus, his loneliness is meant to be somewhat archetypal. Our use of the name ‘Lilly’ was inspired by a video game character who is, in our minds, a reflection of the kind of girl that the song describes. In the context of the story, ‘Lilly’ is less the name of an actual girl, and more a placeholder for the protagonists’ longings and ideals.” These longings and ideals are expressed over an almost Western sounding acoustic track reminiscent of the Shins. So if you are interested in the story, the lyrics are well worth the listen but even if you do not, “Lilly” is a solid indie rock track.

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