On an On “Drifting (RAC Mix)”

The RAC mix of On An On‘s “Drifting” starts out as a relatively calm, even-tempered song, with nothing but moody vocals and keys for the first thirty seconds or so. Then comes a cry of “I gotta get out”, at which point RAC is able to bring the track into its fully realized electronic potential. The drum machine helps bolster Nate Eiesland’s voice in a way that’s interesting yet satisfying to the ear, and the overall upbeat synth feel that RAC is known for is enough to win over those who may not have been fans of the more acoustic-leaning original. RAC never intends to turn his remixed songs into unrecognizable club floor anthems; instead he expands upon the track in such a manner that lets both artists’ creative vision shine through. The intro and outro of this particular one showcases Eiesland’s voice beautifully, while everything in-between is exactly what you’d hope for from an RAC mix. There is no part of this that dares to disappoint.

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