Panda Bear: Mr. Noah EP

Noah Lennox, or Panda Bear, is finally back, four years after the release of his Person Pitch follow-up, Tomboy. Compared to Person Pitch, Tomboy is admittedly easier to follow up. While Person Pitch was universally adored, Tomboy was a very strong record but didn’t possess the “how is he doing this?” element that PP had.

No matter the expectations, Lennox is off to a really good start with this little EP. The first single/title track on this EP is one of the best things Lennox has created as a solo artist. It’s a pulsating, dancey track that manages to sound different but still unmistakably Panda Bear. This is mainly due to Lennox’s voice, which sounds as airy and great as ever. This is best seen on “Faces in the Crowd,” where his “ooh”-ing just about carries the track. The other two tracks are pretty much interesting oddballs. They’re experimental and odd, and are probably staying off of the album for a reason.

Animal Collective like to throw fans a bone with an EP of tracks that didn’t make the album (though, of course, “Mr. Noah” will make the album). They’re always interesting and occasionally possess a track or two that really carves out a legitimate presence in their discography. This Panda Bear EP is no different. Aside from having one of my favorite tracks of the year, it’s probably an EP aimed mostly at hardcore fans.

Rating: 7.7/10

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