Parallel Thought: The Art of Sound

Parallel Thought, Art of SoundParallel Thought: The Art of Sound
Instrumental hip hop is definitely catching on a lot better and a lot faster than it was back in the days when DJ Shadow was dropping Endtroducing… From sampled beat breaks over gritty vinyl static and funky samples, hip hop beats and instrumentation has come a long way. One could attribute that to the influx of technology and the software programs that producers tend to use nowadays. Nevertheless, whether it is on an MPC 2000XL or with Propellerhead Reason, producers are ever-changing and ever-amazing beat junkies, just like myself. Parallel Thought happens to be one such producer who never ceases to fascinate me with some of the most prolific production on this side of the universe.
I didn’t really catch on to the opening track, however, when “Polyrhythmatic” came on. I definitely felt the beat but when “Suspended Animation” came on my neck nearly snapped. Parallel Thought is one of the most dynamic producers you have never heard. His recent collaboration with Del the Funky Homosapien was a precursor to the talents he truly holds in those beat-making brains of his. Fusing endless genres, from jazz, to Native American flutes, all supporting a foundation of hip hop instrumentals, Parallel Thought is on a whole ‘nother planet with his music. The spacey atmosphere he creates illuminates your mind into endless dimensions of music – literally demonstrating and creating an intriguing Art of Sound.
Not only are the samples and ambiance effectually perplexing, but he uses voice samples that create an even greater sense of wonder. “July24th” is just one of those rainy-day beats; the instrumentation and overall mood give me a sort of mellow-hype type of feel. But then “The Canopy” comes in with some jungle-like ambiance and sounds and his instrumentation continues to amaze me. His beats are not your everyday kick-snare-kick-snare type, as I have discovered from listening to his previous works, but his beats are more than eclectic. His drums are like nothing I’ve ever heard – a sort of hip hop simplicity, matched with electronic diversity; if you like the kind of beats Flying Lotus uses, then I’m sure Parallel Thought would find a nice home in your MP3 player.
Personally, I have nothing against the rappers who feature on the album, but I would’ve preferred the album to be solely an instrumental project, without guest features. The artists do the beats justice, like Breeze Brewin’ does on “Ice Cold (Jugganots),” but the beats are amazing by themselves, and I would’ve liked them that way. However, if you are a fan of eclectic, electronic-hip hop fusion type music, then this album is definitely for you.
As the album came to a close, I felt the project had come full circle and I was pleased. Parallel Thought did a number on my music repertoire on The Art of Sound and I’m sure you will appreciate him just as much as I did. Beat Junkies rejoice!
Rating: 9.2/10
MP3: Parallel Thought “Suspended Animation”
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