Peter Wolf Crier: Inter-Be

Peter Wolf Crier: Inter-Be
Peter Wolf Crier is a Minneapolis-based duo, comprised of Peter Pisano and Brian Moen. Pisano is most well known as a member of The Wars of 1812 while Moen has drummed in various bands including Laarks and Amateur Love. The duo was born on a summer night out of burst of creativity by Pisano. The impromptu session birthed the group’s debut album, Inter-Be.
For a duo, Peter Wolf Crier manages to have a full sound while still sounding stripped down. The album’s opening track “Crutch & Cane” is a great example. Because of the recording effects, the song’s guitar, drums, piano, keyboard and vocals all sound very raw but the fact that a duo utilizes so many instruments is out of the ordinary. The arrangement does the track great justice. The song is a catchy alt-country ditty that reminds me from Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band. But what makes the song stand out is Pisano’s falsetto vocals. The vocals are similar to Woods but not quite as weird. The track really sets the tone for the rest of the album.
The album manages to capture a live energy feel. That probably results from the album being written so quickly. Some song remain simply titled “Untitled 101” and “Demo 01” as if Inter-Be is an unfinished product. The unpolished recordings echo this sentiment but it all works for Inter-Be. With the exception of a couple songs that burgeon on the brink of plodding, the album is the type of music you can relax and meditate to but stays just energetic enough to not put you to sleep. For me, it was an enjoyable listen.
Rating: 7.6/10
MP3: Peter Wolf Crier “Crutch & Cane”
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