Pipe-Eye “Fluorescent Wonder”

Picking up where he left off in Laugh About Life, with instrumentation straight from Saturday morning cartoons, the new Pipe-Eye single discusses relatable content. If you’ve worked at or felt overstimulated within a grocery store, “Fluorescent Wonder,” will bring those searing memories back.

“Fluorescent Wonder,” like many other Pipe-Eye tracks, points out the bizarre within the ordinary; most people can’t get food any other way and shop weekly, but fewer people think about the “multicolor rows of endlessness,” or how the stores reset multiple times per day and “time stands still.” Pipe-eye blips grocery checkout machines and fuzzy synthesizers. The high-end is layered with percussion and tonal synths that blend easily with the registers’ electronic bubbling.

Offering commentary on this late stage of western capitalism, this composition has many different sections that turn a trip to the grocery store into a spooky carnival. Structurally, the songs seems to meander, like one would, pushing a cart through the aisles. Pipe-eye draws attention to the way that this “reflect[s] ourselves.”

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