Premiere: Blind Lake: On Earth

Swedish duo, Blind Lake are preparing to release their album, On Earth on June 9. Surviving the Golden Age is pleased to premiere the full album!

Mysterious and haunting, Blind Lake’s power is derived from the interplay between Lotta Wenglén and Måns Wieslander. The male/female duo double up on vocals so Wieslander’s powerful baritone is constantly intertwined with Wenglén’s wispy feminine voice. It creates a sexy pathos that is draped across the entire album.

Musically, Blind Lake deftly explores genres through On Earth. Opening track “Cookie” sees the band utilizing vibraphone and strings to create a warm retro-future sound. “Lately” has a backbone of acoustic guitar and shakers with jazz organ over the top that gives the song a bossanova feel. “Walk Beside Me” is a high energy funk/dance track that sounds like it could’ve been blasted at Studio 54.

With so many genres packed into one album, it’s no easy task to make the album feel cohesive but Blind Lake has a definite vision. The dueling vocals give the album consistency and the haunting retro-future vibe is a hallmark of On Earth. Listen below and let us know what you think.

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