Premiere: Hafdis Huld “Lucky (Glastrophobie Remix)”


This summery, cinematic remix of Icelandic folk-pop singer/songwriter Hafdis Huld’s latest single “Lucky” is a welcome reminder of the talents of twenty-two year old German producer Glastrophobie. Three months ago, he stunned with his masterful remix of Anna Graceman’s “Words,” so we’re glad to hear him take on such a simple and lovely song.

The original “Lucky” is a paced, mellow track with folksy elements – in his remixing, Glastrophobie elevates Huld’s beautifully sung melody with a House-y backbeat, crisp saxophone and phasing synth, turning the melancholic meditation into a bittersweet dance track. With his signature rhythm patterning and knack for evolving instrumentation across a single song, Glastrophobie has created a rich aural experience that should satisfy listeners for another month or two before his next project.

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