Premiere: Pregnant “Know Ahead (Live at Porch Party Records)”

Who hasn’t been there before? A band you’re not entirely familiar with is beginning their set and they’ve called all the crowd out for being too far away. Begrudgingly, you move towards the stage, arms crossed, not necessarily looking happy to be there. This is pretty much what it looks like is happening when Pregnant breaks out “Know Ahead” at Porch Party Records. The Placerville duo sits surrounded by synths, microphones, and Christmas lights and the crowd doesn’t exactly know what’s going on. As Daniel Trudeau launches into the electro-psychedelic track slowly the crowd begins to sway. As the track fills out, even the cameraman begins to wonder how so many sounds are coming from just two people so he explores a bit, revealing the band’s use of midi-pads, laptops, synths, guitars. It is quite the setup and sound to come from just two mere mortals.

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