Rich Ruth: I Survived It’s Over

Composer Rich Ruth is giving us a glimpse into his psychedelic avant-garde jazz roots with his latest all instrumental album I Survived It’s Over. The album arrived August 12 via Jack White’s Third Man Records. This just goes to show what an incredible eye White has for talent.

Rich Ruth hails from Nashville and his eclectic musical pallet made my mouth water at first listen. The first song “Taken Back” reminds me of a psychedelic trip taken to the middle east in which the sitar and bass are used, which is a perfect introduction to this album of what the listen can expect.

The second tune, “Older But Not Less Confused” is a great example where jazz comes into play. Flute and horns alongside a soft drum beat set against a nature-esque soundwave is all blended in softly for this song to easily dominate as one of the jazzier pieces.

The psychedelic rock trip picks up where “Taken Back” left off. Harp and edgy haunting middle eastern sounds on the third song in called “Desensitization and Reprocessing”, which reminds me of reverent influences from The Tea Party’s Triptych. The song is a brilliant soundscape that places one’s mind at complete ease while being whisked away to some far away middle eastern country.

“Angel Slide” and “Doxology” closes off the album in a peaceful trance and both songs combine all of Ruth’s instruments on this particular album. “Angel Slide” is a grand way to hear snare drums, cymbals, and flute again while “Doxology” dazzles. This album flaunts many middle Eastern flavors, sounds, and instruments even though it clocks in at seven songs. It left me craving more. The ambience, the vibe, and the sounds are too worldly and progressive for this day and age, but enough to satisfy an older demographic. Next Middle Eastern Santana? Yes, please. Even though it’s coming from Middle America StGA will take it.

Rating: 9.0/10

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