Robyn “Missing U”

Swedish pop darling, Robyn has not released new solo material since 2010’s Body Talk until today. “Missing U” is Robyn’s grand return back to music. Teaming up with long-time collaborator Klas Åhlund and Joseph Mount of Metronomy to write and produce the track, “Missing U” doesn’t necessarily break new ground for Robyn. Beginning with a flurry of shimmering synth and four on the floor bass drums, the track sounds vaguely familiar. I had to listen to “Indestructible” to make sure she was not repeating the same vocal melody. It’s close but not quite. Considering how groundbreaking a lot of Body Talk was, this feels like a fairly safe single to remind people she is still here and still great. Now we just have to wait with bated breath for her next move and hope it is a bit more exciting.

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