Premiere: Saltlick “throwing car batteries into the ocean”

Splitting her time between Columbus, OH and Pittsburg, PA, Saltlick (nee Brianna Snider) is preparing to release her new EP, stuck here at the start on April 30th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the lead single, “throwing car batteries into the ocean.”

With a dynamic style switching between beautiful guitar arpeggios verses to a louder chorus, the track is reminiscent of bands like Mineral or Record Play-era Mock Orange. Unlike those bands, Snider brings a refreshing female presence in the largely male dominated emo scene. “About the rose-colored glasses you wear and dreams you have when finding new emotions about a person” Snider describes, “throwing car batteries into the ocean” is as beautiful as it is emotionally wrought. It’s a lovely first single for her highly anticipated first full-band EP.

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