San Cisco: Awkward

san cisco, awkwardSan Cisco: Awkward
San Cisco‘s very accurately titled EP, Awkward, is all about crossed signals, misread cues, and failure to take a hint. Heavy on the choruses and heavy on the drums, the Australian four piece delivers infectious pop in the vein of Blur and Vampire Weekend. Though a bit heavy on the non-sensical scat singing, the boy-girl vocal attack of Jordi Davieson and drummer Scarlett Stevens is ultimately more endearing than irritating, especially on the title track. Listen in moderation, though, because the catchiness of the four original songs on offer borders on ear worm territory. They tend to cling to the brainpan and, while fun, they aren’t lyrically substantive enough that anyone would want them there for very long. Rounding things out is a blistering cover of Arctic Monkeys‘ “505” that, in its stark minimalism, offers more dramatic highs and lows than the original. Awkward is fun for all of its fifteen minute run time. Enjoy it, but look too deeply into it and run the risk of feeling awkward, yourself.
Rating: 7.5/10
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