Seu Jorge And Almaz: Seu Jorge And Almaz

Seu Jorge And Almaz: Seu Jorge And Almaz
I first became aware of Seu Jorge (as I am sure many of you did) from his role in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. The movie not only let Jorge show off his acting skills but also featured him doing acoustic Portuguese language covers of David Bowie songs. Because of this, Seu Jorge has attained a level of success in America many world artists will never near. On his latest album, Seu Jorge is backed by a band known as Almaz. The band consists of drummer Pupillo and guitarist Lucio Maia from Nacao Zumbi and composer/film scorer Antonio Pinto. The album is produced by Mario C who is best known for his work with The Beastie Boys.
The album’s music is for the most part Brazilian samba with tinges of rock and jazz mixed in. Although that may not sound like the most accessible genre to American ears, there are some signs that Jorge is moving his music more mainstream. Take for example the album’s first single, “Everybody Loves the Sunshine”. You read correctly, the track title is in English as are the lyrics. The track has a smooth jazz beat accompanied by long lazy guitar strums and sustained keyboard notes. The track seems like Jorge’s attempt to make the essential summer track. It works to mixed results. The track reminds me of something G Love and Special Sauce might have done but with sloppier lyrics.
There are other hints of Jorge striving for a more mainstream appeal. He does an English version of Michael Jackson‘s “Rock With You”. On the cover, snaky guitars replace the disco chic creating what I imagine The Doors may have sounded like if Jim Morrison lived into the late 70s. It is an interesting listen to say the least.
Despite the steps to make his music more accessible, I still wonder what kind of market will be purchasing Seu Jorge And Almaz. The album will probably appeal to those fans of Brazilian samba/rock fusion but how much of the population is that? Sure, some fans of The Life Aquatic and City of God might find their way to the album but not enough to make a serious difference. Sadly, Jorge will probably again go unnoticed while producing a solid album.
Rating: 6.1/10
MP3: Seu Jorge And Almaz “Rock With You”
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