Sharkmuffin: Chartreuse

Talented female-fronted bands continue to emerge from small cities and big ones alike. Whether they are playing glam rock, punk rock, or folk, female fronted bands are powerful, raw, and fearless. In Brooklyn, lady garage-punkers, Sharkmuffin are set to release their first full album, Chartreuse August 7th via State Capital/Little Dickman.

Playing together since 2012, Natalie Kirch (vocals/bass) and guitarist Tarra Theissen create noisy punk songs infused with so much power it comes to no surprise most of the tracks never exceed two minutes. From the opening few seconds of title track, “Chartreuse” it is clear the rest of the album will be loud, offensive, and upbeat. For Chartreuse, Kirch and Theissen work with Patty Schemel (of Death Valley Girls) to provide burly, intense drum beats to give the backbone needed for all the 10 tracks.

Chartreuse is filled with tons of guitars, tons of reverb, and huge doses of a “we don’t give a f*ck” attitude. With track titles such as “Tampons Are for Sluts” and “First Date” is definitely colorful. “Straight Lines” is a 2 minute, droney garage rock ballad complete with an irresistible scratchy guitar solo. “First Date” is barely one minute in length as the dark sludge of guitar mixes with Kirch’s vocals. Every track seems to rage right into the next as Kirch’s punchy and sharp vocals complete each guitar-shredding fit of music.

Theissen and Kirch are like riot girls without all the hype. Their noisy punk sound is catchy and tasteful. These ladies are not afraid to scream and to make honest, addictive and empowering music for all the lady punks out there. Heading out on tour to promote Chartreuse the crew who go by “boss lady shredders” may be playing in your city. Do not miss out.

Rating: 8.0/10

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