Slow Club: Yeah, So

Slow Club: Yeah, So
UK indie label, Moshi Moshi Records has been responsible for discovering bands like Hot Chip and Bloc Party. Their latest release is Sheffield, England duo, Slow Club’s Yeah, So. The album is not only Slow Club’s debut album but, also, Moshi Moshi Records first release in the US.
While the album is being released on Moshi Moshi Records, Slow Club’s music sounds like it belongs on Saddle Creek Records. Their sound is comparable to a myriad of Saddle Creek Bands including Rilo Kiley and Tilly and the Wall. Their music is best described as a mix of alt-country, folk, and indie rock but the group’s signature is the dueling male/female vocals. Male vocalist, Charles Watson has a fragile voice similar Ben Kweller while female vocalist, Rebecca Taylor has a slightly wispier voice that reminds me of Jenny Lewis.
The album’s vibe varies between upbeat indie pop jaunts to slow, plodding ballads. Tracks like the album’s closing track “Our Most Brilliant Friends” is about as raucous as the group gets. The track mixes acoustic and electric guitars and various forms of percussion including drums, tambourine, and hand claps. Other tracks are much more timid, like the album’s opening track, “When I Go”. The song is folk ballad, which features only acoustic guitars and vocals. The song is pleasant but I do not think these type of dulcet tunes are the band’s strong suit. Luckily the band stays fairly upbeat for the majority of Yeah, So.
Slow Club was called by Paste Magazine one of the “Best of What’s Next” and I think their debut album back’s up that statement. Although it will probably not make my end of the year countdown, it is a more than formidable debut album that shows a lot of potential.
Rating: 7.0/10
MP3: Slow Club “When I Go”
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