Sofi Tukker: Treehouse

Still clinging onto the recent wave of EDM that’s produced stars like David Guetta and the late Avicii is the duo of Sofi Tukker and their new album Treehouse. Though it is difficult for any EDM artist to remain fresh in the oversaturated market, Sofi Tukker shows flashes of brilliance in their own unique way. While this album struggles with an overall arc of story throughout each track on the album, the urge to get up and head to the nearest underground party is clear. Sofi Tukker’s brand of music is about having a good time, to which Treehouse is an excellent provider of fun-loving and mysterious tracks.

On the surface, the electric and whimsical stylings of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern seem to be just run of the mill glossy house music. However, the pair burrows deeper into more eccentric areas than their EDM counterparts. Simply put, their brand is their own weird little mashup of thoughtful Portuguese poetry-driven tracks sandwiched between tracks with names like “Batshit.” There is an uncommon sincerity in this rather strange gathering of planetary beats and samples. Playfully riffing on common tropes of the EDM world, Sofi Tukker calls upon the listener to expect the least expected. If it wasn’t clear from the opening lyric, “I don’t give a fuck about they” from the track “Fuck They”, these two are just fine doing their own thing.

The cadence of Treehouse fluctuates indefinitely, which translates into a somewhat distracted or off-balance listening session of the 10 songs. There isn’t much glue that holds everything together, which almost defeats the purpose of having a full-length album as opposed to just dropping singles. It can be difficult to put any EDM act into a box, and Treehouse is no different. Sofi Tukker thrives off of single songs rather than an identity to an album as a whole. In the current single culture climate, it’s easy to see why their debut album has already picked up radio airtime. Filled with energy and movement, Sofi Tukker prove themselves to be just a little left of center, and maybe that’s what makes them just alright.

Rating: 6.5/10

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