Spekulation “Bout That Action (Beast Mode Remix)”

by Andrew Garrison

If anyone out there follows me on twitter (which you should: @Garrrrryy) you may have surmised that I do my fair share of gambling. And this Sunday was my Christmas and birthday combined. I won all of my bets including the ridiculous props of Tails (You can’t call yourself a true degenerate gambler unless you have a prop that takes place before kickoff.)  and a safety. So, naturally, I annoyed the rest of the Super Bowl party attendees by roughly twice as drunk as everyone else combined and playing this song at least a half-dozen times. It is mixed up clips from Marshawn Lynch’s very brief media day showing, where he noted that he is “Just bout that action, boss.” Which I want on a t-shirt. Granted, Marshawn had a pretty unremarkable day, but because no one has, to my knowledge mixed up< Sherman’s world shattering NFC Postgame interview or Kam Chancellor wasn’t mic’d up when he hurt Deymarius Thomas’ feelings (and quite a few bones), this will forever remind me of the greatest gambling day I've ever had.

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