Premiere: Spritzer: Love. Lies. Decay.

Brooklyn band, Spritzer will release their debut album, Love. Lies. Decay. will on April 27th via Paper Garden Records. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the full album stream.

The album was recorded in Connecticut with producer Ariel Loh but it does not sound very Northeastern. Lead single, “Little Mystery” combines a driving rhythm with lush horns and strings. It sounds like something you might expect from a Californian band like Beulah. The soulful organ on “Sad Clown” evoke Tennessee soul while “Jean & Helene” employs a bossa nova rhythm for exotic flare.

Regardless of the genre, Spritzer’s uniting factor is their knack for pop. Each song is a well-crafted earworm making Love. Lies. Decay. a fun and engaging listen.

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