Stars: LaGuardia – Best of Stars

After nearly 20 years of bringing us genre-mixing musical beauty, Stars have decided to remind us just how good they are. With nine albums under their belt and discography that ranges from indie pop to new wave, Stars musical journey has been nothing short of wonderful. As they near their 20th anniversary, it only seems right that they release their greatest hits.

LaGuardia consists of twenty tracks taken from every album and EP released, with the exception of Nightsongs. With their lush instrumentation and soft vocals, LaGuardia (named after the New York airport) brings together everything that we love about Stars.

A deep bass and new wave keyboard line pull in Torquil Campbell’s voice into dark mash-up of driving guitar strumming and Morrissey-like vocals. Taken from their 2007 release In Our Bedroom After The War, it is a juxtaposition of partying and having a great time, the ultimate come down, and the consequences of a night out.

“No One is Lost” opens with a distant french voice and a waining electro-synth, muted into oblivion. It grows into an electronic-pop staple. Star’s are known for their story-like lyrics, but their ability to deal with the every day is constantly overlooked. This track may sound like an underground dance anthem, but it’s much darker than that. While the track starts with the usual “let’s have the night of our lives” kind of vibe, it quickly reduced down to death and the universal truth of dying. Not really the most uplifting of subject matters but masked with a snippy electro beat, “No One Is Lost” makes you actually want to have the night of your life.

“From The Night” is, simply put, an absolute gem. Stars have created a quiet space within the track with a minimalistic sounding verse with accompanying electro beat. But this runs with an undercurrent of anticipation waiting for the beat to drop. It keeps you in limbo, but when the chorus hits, it is really difficult to sit still. It is a happy-sounding track with dark lyrics that will make you dance from start to finish.

A notable mention must also be given to “Going, Going, Gone (Life),” “Fluorescent Light” and “Ageless Beauty,” all of which help Stars round out this impressive album. It is definitely a great way to revisit your favorite tracks for the past and get you ready for the tracks of the future.

Rating: 8.5/10

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