Steve Void & Alex Adair “Burnin'”

First off I just want to say that I’m super stoked to share this track with you all. As a fan of house music, Steve Void has delivered on countless amazing remixes in the past but now the time has come for him to release his first original! Featuring Alex Adair, “Burnin” is a very soulful and jazz influenced house track with the main focus on pianos and vocals. The track has a very beachy, summer type of vibe similar to the music that SNBRN is making for example. When it comes to house music I feel that it’s better when showcasing the staples then trying to force something into the track and that’s exactly what Steve Void did. The track also has a very “live” aspect about it, which is awesome. I think it’s safe to say whether it’s an original, or remix, Void’s got it.

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